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Money Motion 2023

Money Motion 2023 brought together more than 1300 FinTech experts, professionals, and enthusiasts for a two-day program covering all the relevant topics in the industry, ranging from new technological advancements and services to policies, sustainability, and skills needed for the future of FinTech. Learn more below.

MoMo2023 Distinguished Speakers

Andrius Bičeika

Partner at Revolut

Maurice Lisi

Head of Digital Business at BPER Banca S.p.A. Italy

Alexander Kobakhidze

Head of TaxTech at Fonoa

Christian Rau

Senior Vice President Crypto and FinTech Enablement Mastercard Europe

Julia Bonda

Head of Business Development at Sumsub

Takeshi Kito

Vice-chair, FinTech Association of Japan

Sandra Švaljek

Deputy Governor of the Croatian National Bank

Maha Al-Saadi

Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Director at Bankhaus Scheich/Tradias

Matteo Rizzi

Co-Founder at

MoMo2023 Schedule

Thursday / March 9th, 2023

Start Finish Topic Speakers
09:00 10:00 Early coffee and networking warm-up
10:00 10:10 Opening Ceremony Božidar Pavlović, Managing Director at Jackie Agency
10:10 10:30 Keynote: Central banks – observers or leaders of change? Sandra Švaljek, Deputy Governor at Croatian National Bank
10:30 10:50 Fireside chat: Sustaining hypergrowth in FinTech Andrius Bičeika, Deputy CEO & Board Member at Revolut Bank
Moderator: Ivan Burazin, Chief Developer Experience Officer at Infobip
10:50 11:35 Panel: Croatian banks in the Eurozone - Tech & FinTech partnership opportunities Liana Keserić, CEO at Raiffeisen Bank Croatia
Balazs Bekeffy, CEO at OTP Bank Croatia
Draženko Kopljar, COO at PBZ (Intesa Sanpaolo Croatia)
Mario Žižek, President of the board at Addiko bank Croatia
Moderator: Vuk Vuković, CIO at ORCA
11:35 12:00 The power of... Ivan Šimičević, Board member at OTP Bank Croatia
12:00 12:45 Panel: Embedded Finance - Payments as an experience Goran Bosankić, CEO at ABC TECH Group
Paola Sanchez, Co-founder at Minka
Ivan Ostojić, CBO at Infobip
Bartosz Ciolkowski, General manager, South Eastern Europe at Mastercard
Moderator: Magda Milas, President at Alice in Blockchains
12:45 13:45 Lunch break
13:45 14:05 Fraud: What comes first Sean Neary, Head of Risk Management Services at Nexi Group
14:05 14:30 Is open banking ripe for mass adoption? Linh Van Deibel, Chief Strategy Officer at Banked
14:30 15:15 Panel: Open banking Alexander Kobakhidze, Head of TaxTech at Fonoa
Linh Van Deibel, Chief Strategy Officer at Banked
Nikola Mehandžić, Country Manager Serbia and Southeast Europe at Payoneer
Moderator: Ivo Špigel, Co-founder at Pontyx
15:15 16:00 Panel: Risk challenges in crypto and FinTech companies Maha Al Saadi, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs Director at Bankhaus Scheich
Lucia Ana Tomić, Head of compilance and regulatory affairs at Wiener osiguranje
Chet Shah, Global Chief Risk Officer at Wirex
Ratko Drča, Director at Deloitte Risk Advisory
Julia Bonda, Head of Business Development at Sumsub
Moderator: Antonija Zorić, Managing director at ATD Solucije
16:00 16:20 Coffee break
16:20 16:45 Money, Talent & Thrones: How an epic decade of FinTech changed the way we think about financial services Matteo Rizzi, Co-Founder at
16:45 17:15 Panel: Regulating FinTechs in Croatia Linardo Martinčević, Advisor and FinTech coordinator at Croatian National Bank
Anamarija Staničić, Head Of Policy and International Cooperation Division at Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency
Filip Šaravanja, Head of Digital Assets at AirCash
Tomislav Gračan, Board Member at Zagreb Stock Exchange
Moderator: Goran Abramović, CEO at Aplauz
17:15 17:45 Panel: Fostering the Next Generation of FinTech Talent Vinko Muštra, Dean at Faculty of Economics, Business and Tourism, University of Split
Sanja Sever Mališ, Dean at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb
Mislav Balković, Dean at Algebra University College
Irena Guszak, Associate Dean at RIT Croatia
Moderator: Lana Ugrčić, Money Motion Startup Coordinator
19:00 21:00 Speakers dinner
20:30 01:00 Party at Johann Franck (show on map)

Friday / March 10th, 2023

Start Finish Topic Speakers
09:00 10:00 Early coffee and networking warm-up
10:00 10:30 Digital assets are changing the game Christian Rau, SVP Crypto and FinTech Enablement Europe at Mastercard
10:30 10:55 The Rise of Instant Payments in an On-Demand Banking World Mohamed Hossam, Co-Founder and COO at Kashier, Egypt
10:55 11:35 Panel: Buy Now, Pay How? Andrius Bičeika, Deputy CEO & Board Member at Revolut Bank
Panagiotis Kriaris, Head of Business Development at Unzer
Anita Markota-Štriga, Board member at Erste Card Club
Ivan Rebrović, Business Development manager at Monri
Moderator: Jelena Kolega, Product management director at Transendpro
11:35 12:05 Panel: Building the bank of the future Piotr Jelenski, CEO at ASEE and Payten
Dejan Donev, Head of Digital at Erste Bank Croatia
Maurice Lisi, Head of Digital Business at BPER Banca Italy
Moderator: Božidar Pavlović, Managing Director at Jackie Agency
12:05 12:45 Panel: How to stop crypto scams Roland Vizler, Cyber Security Service at Ministry of Interior of Republic of Croatia
Thomas Dougherty, ICHIP Attorney for CEE at U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division
Anja Tkalčević, Analyst at Croatian Financial Services Supervisory Agency
Mia Biberović, Editor in Chief at Netokracija
Moderator: Vlaho Hrdalo, Chairman at Croatian Association for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
12:45 13:10 The changing world of banking and payments Panagiotis Kriaris, Head of Business Development at Unzer
13:10 13:50 Panel: Digital omnichannel - what's next? Piotr Widacki, Founding parter at Digital Ocean Ventures
Sanel Volarić, CEO at Groupama osiguranje
Igor Gržalja, General Manager at ASEE Croatia
Moderator: Hajdi Ćenan, CEO at airt
13:50 14:50 Lunch break
14:50 15:05 Croatian instant - Chances and challenges of "money in seconds" Gordana Soldo, Advisor to Management Board at FINA
15:05 15:30 Fireside chat: Digital assets - Japan vs EU Takeshi Kito, Vice-chair at FinTech Association of Japan
Marc Weber, Founder & CEO at Floin
15:30 15:55 Knowledge assets applied in enterprises in Web3 Branimir Rakić, Co-founder and CTO at Trace Labs
15:55 16:15 Coffee break
16:15 16:25 Startup competition awards ceremony Luka Sučić, Partner at Meta Change Capital
Marijana Oreb, Board Member at HAMAG-BICRO
Ivan Burazin, Chief Developer Experience Officer at Infobip
16:25 16:55 Panel: How DeFi fits into future Traditional finance? Nena Dokuzov, Head of Project Group at Ministry of Economic Development and Technology Slovenia
Anton Mozgovy, CEO at Mover Card
Sandi Fatić, CEO at Calimero Network
Moderator: Luka Sučić, Partner at Meta Change Capital
16:55 17:25 Closing ceremony
20:30 05:00 Party at Peti Kupe (show on map)

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In her keynote, Anna will delve into the forefront of payment technologies. She will guide you through emerging technologies, including recent developments in AI and explain how they can be effectively integrated into payment solutions and platforms.

She will share her insights into the ways payment transactions can be redefined and reengineered. She will provide examples of how payment processes and flows can be streamlined through open banking, a2a payments as well as payment orchestration. Learn how these technology advancements are not only reshaping payment transactions but also enhancing the overall customer experience. In her session, Anna will also explore the evolving role of embedded payments and their transformative effect on the merchant payment value chain.

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The discussion will focus on the impending digital and cashless transformation of the payments industry, driven by market participants including merchants, customers, banks/financial institutions, and payment networks. Key areas of exploration will include advancements in instant payments, the influence of the European Payment Initiative, and the future landscape of payment facilitation and acceptance.

Additionally, in this panel we will explore the impact of emerging technological trends such as SoftPOS adoption, regulatory frameworks like PSD3 and the Digital Euro, evolving business models like BNPL services, the diminishing use of cash, and discussions on cross-border payments and cryptocurrency integration, all of which are shaping the evolving nature of payment systems within Europe.

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At Mastercard, we strive to connect and power an inclusive digital economy that benefits everyone, everywhere. For almost 60 years, leveraging our global innovations capability, we work to digitize payment services across all channels and devices. Delivering payment value where speed, security and convenience matter most, and digital solutions solving consumers’, small and large businesses’ needs. Building trust in a digital world and embedding our social impact initiatives and ESG commitments into our core. Connecting everyone to priceless possibilities.

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What changes has open banking brought so far? What difference has it made and how? Who are the main drivers and players? Can open banking replace cards and what will it take? We will explore some of the open banking models around the world, use cases, lessons learned and what will the transition to open finance entail.

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The panel will cover the financial landscape's evolution from open banking to open finance. It addresses the development, challenges, and forward trajectory of alternative business models. The session will dive into impactful use cases while examining the implications of the latest EU regulations, lessons learned from existing regulations and anticipates changes with PSD3.

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In an increasingly digitised world, an elevated level of sophistication and personalization is expected from the banks when approaching the customers. To meet such expectations, not only a thorough knowledge and understanding of the customers' needs, but also an attentive customer-centric relation is needed. The banks should be able to know when, how and what to offer to their customer, taking into account their financial profile, as well as contemplating a well-thought engagement and communication strategy.

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In this panel, we will discuss the importance of data in today’s AI world.  First, we will cover what ChatGPT brings to banking and AI, demystifying whether it is a myth or a reality and how that fits enterprise users. Current generative AI offerings mainly focus on general models, but what about specialists’ models and their future?

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The panel will delve into the intricacies of the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA), the pioneering European framework that came into effect on January 16, 2023. By 17 January 2025, over 22,000 financial entities and ICT Service providers across the EU are expected to achieve compliance with this regulation. This, among other important activities, implies that millions of contracts within the EU will require renegotiation, placing a critical emphasis on fulfilling value chain requirements.

The panelists will try to unravel the essence of DORA by addressing key questions: What are the key requirements of DORA? How can financial institutions navigate their most pressing challenges, and why must organizations of varying sizes adopt distinct strategies? Is the talent pool of IT Risk managers adequate, and how will cyber teams be impacted? And most importantly, can we make it on time or are we already behind schedule in our preparations?

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Experience the Battle of the Decade firsthand! 

Hrvoje Cosic, the CEO of Aircash, is set to go head-to-head with the heavyweight champion Andrius Biceika, a distinguished board member at Revolut. This epic showdown will delve into numerous sensitive and even a few embarrassing topics :) such as the role of neobanks in Croatia and the broader region. Join us as we explore their respective exit strategies, identify fintech champions and contenders, and uncover their perspectives on various subjects like gambling, digital euro, and Apple Pay.

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The panel discussion explores Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), covering its definition, motives, and future implications such as its coexistence with current and future versions of digital money (deposit money, stablecoins etc). It addresses implementation challenges, competitive ecosystem building, CBDC as a public good, anonymity concerns, public authorities' roles, and the European Commission's digital euro proposal.

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Why would anybody use stablecoins? Except for trading of cryptocurrencies, ofcourse. What problems do we have with the current financial system that stablecoins solve? And, are they really so dangerous that central bank digital currencies were created just to stop stablecoins from taking over the world? Nadiem and Nikola deeply believe that stablecoins will have a pivotal role in shaping the future of money, come hear them chat about that.

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(coming soon)

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We will discuss the evolving landscape of financial technology, highlighting both challenges and opportunities for the next decade. Sigal, with his extensive background in FinTech and venture capital, will share insights on recent trends such as the impact of rising interest rates on funding, the stabilization of FinTech exits, and the promising outlook for FinTech IPOs. The presentation will also look into emerging disruptive technologies and the importance of understanding investor motivations for startups navigating the FinTech space.

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The panel will explore critical issues such as regulatory hurdles, market fragmentation, and funding challenges. It will look into the need for collaborative efforts between startups, investors, and other ecosystem stakeholders to foster a conducive environment as well as supportive policies to nurture the FinTech ecosystem.

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The talk will delve into the hurdles startups face, the support provided by European public sector institutions, and effective strategies for securing public sector grants. It will outline the availability of grants and other forms of support from the European Innovation Council (EIC) for startups and scaleups. Additionally, the talk will highlight success stories of Croatian startups that have leveraged grants to develop and scale their innovative products and services, offering valuable insights and guidance for emerging fintech enterprises in Europe.

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